Cross Media Reader Advisory


This proposal has twofold foci: a survey of current media discovery websites (MDWs) and a literature review of cross-media appeals. The MDW survey analyzes the appeals and frameworks of 118 MDWs catered to multiple media types (books, movies, music, and video games) while the cross-media appeals were researched through contemporary academic literature (such as Lee et al. 2017, Williamson 2011, and Wyatt 2020). By identifying frameworks of appeal that both exist across media types and are uniquely significant to specific forms of media, (e.g., the appeal of interactivity for video games or danceability for music), connections are created across different media that could not only aid in introducing reluctant readers to books based on what they enjoy in other media but broaden the horizons of all media users.
This research lays the groundwork for future discussion for a cross-media advisory tool (CMAT) which would work to aid in full library media advisory, and create an accessible tool for laypersons, better enabling them to grow their media literacy skills. Further discussion could include exploring each media type discussed further, proposing future inclusion of other media types (e.g., poetry, audiobooks, graphic novels), and diving deeper into elements that make up individual appeals. For example, when discussing the element of style across media types, how do we consider the differences in language, audio, and visual style, and how do we build connections across them? Future discussions could consider what elements of website design and healthy community building should be included when creating an online media advisory tool.

Jun 8, 2023 11:00 am — 12:00 pm