The Respectful Terminologies Platform Project and Envisioning Indigenous Governance


This paper will discuss the Respectful Terminologies Platform Project (RTPP), a project focused on creating a system of Indigenous terminologies, and questions of governance within cataloging and other descriptive practices. As an emerging Indigenous-lead project created through years of advocacy work, RTPP is engaged in work to vision a means of Indigenous vocabulary development focused on community governance and protocols. At the same time, existing governance systems for terminology and vocabulary systems such as the Library of Congress, and the Canadian Subject Headings, and projects such as the Homosaurus serve as examples of different models of governance. This paper will explore concepts of governance, the role of UNDRIP in systems of terminology, and Principles such as CARE. Woven throughout the paper will be moments to envision a system which human rights as the central guiding consideration for systems of terminology.

Jun 8, 2023 12:30 pm — 1:00 pm