“I’m Bored, and I Want Something New!”: Affective Information Acquisition in Everyday Culinary Practices


The impact of emotions on information behavior is a continuous discussion in information science. Emotions have been “an overriding influence” in daily life and are deemed significant in educational research regarding their potential to prompt achievement and learning (Demasio, 2004; Pekrun, 2006, 2014). Emotions are continuously expressed and critical for maintaining social connectivity (Dahlquist, 2022), serving as motivators for accessing or avoiding certain information (Savolainen, 2014). However, exploring and gauging different emotions is usually challenging due to their complex relationship with cognitive behavior, especially when placed in an information landscape. Such difficulty has been noted in prior research where scholars acknowledged an intellectual gap in information science concerning the need for more discussion on affective information seeking (Lopatovska & Arapakis, 2011; Savolainen, 2015a). This relative lack of conversation on emotions in our community is also well reflected by Fisher and Landry (2007), saying, “Affect as a lens for understanding information behavior has always lurked predominantly in the field’s theoretical shadows” (p. 211). Based on this issue, we investigate the role of emotions in everyday life by focusing on a routine episode to see how affect per se may facilitate or hamper information acquisition.

Jun 7, 2023 4:00 pm — 4:30 pm